Friday, August 01, 2014

Garage: What a Mess!!!

I'm going to share with you the most embarrassing messy part of my home. . . the garage! To my defense its hubby's stuff, I've wanted to sort it out so many times but i don't even know what most the stuff is and if i am supposed to keep it, bin it or give it away.

I've managed to convince hubby its time to sort out the garage. Yesterday i sent him to Bunnings with my shopping list (shelving units, peg board etc) whilst i went on a container/tub mission. We are ready to get this area sorted!!

Here is the chaotic mess. . . 

The motorbike is being sold so we will have even more space. Usually we easily fit 2 cars in here but the mess seems to have spread in last few weeks whilst hubby has been home. 

Hubby designed and built a garden shed this week - i will blog about it this weekend, its pretty cool! Here are the 24 tubs i purchased for the garage and shed. I'm already thinking of label designs. . . something a bit more manly then my labels in pantry and linen.

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