Sunday, August 03, 2014

Kids Parties: Lego

This was the first kids birthday I had ever planned. It was only a small gathering but after this party I decided I LOVE planning kids birthday parties. I love thinking of ideas or trying out ideas I've seen on pinterest. There are so many more lego party options now.

I made lego block invites using green card. I cut out the circles and used foam sticky dots to raise them up. The backing was a free printable you can get here: Lego Invite

Marshmallow Lego Heads - marshmallows dipped in melted yellow candy melts, top with a m&m. I used a black icing pen to do the little faces once the candy melts had hardened.
Lego Biscuits - I made up 4 batches of royal icing. Next I piped a border around edge, let it set slightly then filled it in. I topped with mini m&ms.
Lego Man Cupcakes - I baked vanilla cupcakes, piped on buttercream and topped with fondant lego men toppers.

The cake was simple mudcake lego head with yellow buttercream & black icing pen outline.

Party favours: I used empty baby food jars which I spray painted yellow & drew on faces. I filled them with m&ms. They were finished off with ribbon and lego thank you tags.

I didn't set up many activities as it was a small party (mostly adults) so I did a guessing game with a Target gift voucher as the prize. My brother guessed the exact amount.

You can download your copies of the lego man banner from: Winks & Daisies

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