Sunday, August 24, 2014

Parties: Hawaiian Luau

Ok, not a kids party but its still colourful, fun and the theme could be used for kids too. It was my Mum's 50th in January. She knew she wanted to celebrate it but didn't know what theme. 3 weeks before the party a theme was chosen and i had to work quick. I usually slowly spend months preparing for my kids parties. With only 3 weeks that ruled out most online shopping (which i love to do). I'm really happy with how it turned out. The guests were impressed and most of all my Mum loved it.

Mum loved the cake i made for Master T's Pirate Party so i did a similar idea. However on this island was a hula girl & palm tree. My mum loves dolphins so i added dolphin head popping out of the water. The fondant toppers were made by my mums best friend at Cake Away. The island 'sand' is processed biscuits
Tip: Add a bit of oreo it adds bit of 'dirt' to the sand to give it a more realistic appearance. 

I loved Mum's reaction when she cut open her cake and all the smarties came out.

The invite was made by my friend at Cub and Bunny. The tiki head box is what i used for an alternative wishing well. I included a poem with the birthday invites reading: Buying for 'Mum' can really be hard, So perhaps some money or a gift card. A tiki head box will be on display. Please pop your card inside and enjoy the partay' (i had to make it rhyme) 

As guests arrived they were given a Lei - and you can imagine the jokes everytime someone with lei'd. There was a tiki bar set up at in backyard to create atmosphere. Was good for photo prop too

As you see on the invite we requested the guys to wear Hawaiian shirts... prize for the ugliest. Can you guess which one won? 

Answer: Far Right

I did a streamer backdrop in bright colours for the food table, just like i did for the Purple Party. I cut '5' and '0' from cardboard, painted them pink and covered in flowers from Leis. Some party food missing as i was still heating food as guests arrived. 

The palm tree is made from a carrot & bottom of a green capsicum. I printed a hula girl and stuck onto a toothpick. Using sweet chilli Philadelphia an island scene was created.

I purchased mixed cake toppers from local cake supplies shop for the mini cupcakes.

 Nice bright yellow jelly slice decorated with frangipanni.

(Pssst, see that delicious looking rocky road to the left?! I'll be sharing the recipe with you within next few weeks)

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