Thursday, August 14, 2014

Reward Charts

I recently decided my kids are both old enough to get the concept of reward charts. Each time they do a little job (mostly without asking) or behave nicely they will get a sticker. I wont be reminding them about the sticker chart. EG 'Clean up the toys and you'll get a sticker'. I want them to take it upon themselves.

Firstly i collected some small prizes chocolate & presents and made up some activity cards.

I'm using a gift box to keep all the prizes inside. To make it even more exciting I wrapped all the gifts in left over wrapping paper.  I ordered the reward charts from Cub and Bunny and printed onto thick paper. Skylander Stinkbomb and Sofia the First are currently my kids favourite characters. I also have a frozen theme one for my girl as she switches her favourite.

You can purchase set of 8x activity cards (different activity options available) + 'Rewards' and 'Activity Cards' stickers ready to make your own reward box - $10 (includes postage) 

I will let the kids choose a prize each time they fill a row for the first few weeks then may switch to prizes only once they reach the highlighted boxes. Will see how we go

The reward charts are stuck on the wall in their Play Zone so their can easily see their progress

These rewards charts can also be used for toilet training. If you'd like to purchase your child(ren) a reward chart featuring their favourite character then head over to Cub and Bunny

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