Monday, August 25, 2014

The Block: Week 4 - Master Bedroom

There were lots of different styles this week for the master room reveal. I hope Dee & Darren's daughter is alright. It was great everyone put their room together for them. Luckily Dee was prepared (i'm sure she gave stern instructions too). I have a few favourites this week - I loved Dee's once again, the fireplace gave that space in the room such a great purpose. I could picture myself on that chair with a blanket, iPad  & chocolate. I also liked the boy's room, they have such simple pulled back style, a neutral base with pops of colours.  They were a bit cheeky recording the judges, but they've never check under a bed before (i think camera man dobbed).

I couldn't help but notice how they all did black walk-in-robe fit outs. With such a practical mind i couldn't help but think of all the dust you'd see. I understand white may seem very basic for these apartments but there is so many colour options. I'm happy with my white fit out which was installed this morning!

Maxine & Karstan were this week's winners and totally deserved their win. I really liked the large artworks and the bronze mirror. I agree with Neil that the chair looked so much better without the cushion. Whilst orange isn't my favourite colour it works really well with the black/white combo. It adds warmth to a powerful colour combo.




Get this weeks look with these items

Pop Cluster Pendant from The Block Shop ($1200) or you could group a few of these South Hampton Pendants from Beacon ($236)

Kennedy Button Lounge from The Block Shop ($1030) or Grayson Chair from Freedom ($699). Most chairs from Freedom come in a range of colours.

Vittoria Round Side Table from The Block Shop ($520) otherwise another look is the new Canterbury Side Table from Freedom ($149).

Wire Table Lamp from The Block Shop ($195). Target stock this Metal Table Lamp - however you'd need to swap to a black shade to achieve the look ($40 - sold out online)

Don't forget some orange artwork! 

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housebythewater said...

I can't see past the orange! A bit too hotel-roomy for me. I like the boys room best this week. I love their wall changes above the bed and wooden side wall.

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