Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fun Edible Gifts For Kids

These are a simple, fun gift idea for the kids. Perfect for your kids classmates, stocking filler or student gifts. Reindeer noses have a brown nose for each of the reindeers and a red one for rudolph. The snowman poop is a little more cheeky, kids will love it!

Packet of Jaffas
Packet of Marshmallows (white ones if you can find them)
Packet of Malteasers
Snack Size Zip Lock Bags
Lime & Mortar Printables
Paper & Stapler

1) Print the labels onto thick paper. Standard paper is fine also but crinkles easily
2) Fill bags with 8 malteasters + 1 jaffa OR 5 marshmallows
3) Fold the labels so image is clearly shown on the front
4) Fold top of bag (as shown below). Place label over the top and staple both edges.
5) Repeat to all bags

TIPS: I got 9 bags of Reindeer Noses from 1 pack of malteasers (plenty jaffas left over). I got 5 bags snowman poop from a marshmallow pack so it would really be best to find bags of white marshmallows. You could add in some mini marshmallows too.

Click image to be taken to the download for the labels.


Vicki @ Boiled Eggs & Soldiers said...

Love these. Very cute!

Sasha @ From the Left Field said...

How fab! Love it- what a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Very clever.

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